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Lebanese American, Studying in Iran. Lover of Poetry, Nature, Spirituality and Philosophy.
Student at the Islamic Seminary in the Holy city of Qom.
A simple Lover of the Beloved and those he loves.

"If you truly worshiped Allah as He is worthy of being worshiped, then you would be able to walk on the seas and the mountains will fall by your command." - Imam Ali (as)

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Hello Again ~

Its been long since ive been on here.

As I said in my last post my personal life has taken a strange and seemingly long turn, as for Tumblr, my internet has completely failed me.

Alhamdulilah ive found a place with better internet than mine, ive missed the daily reminders and posts on here.

Interacting with all of you,

Learning from each and every one of your posts and if not learning then learning a different personal view on all things.

Im sorry I haven’t been able to reply to any of you and for those of you who have tried contacting me by other means my phone had been lost on my trip to the South.

Which reminds me, Alhamdulilah I’ve been blessed to visit Kashan, Ahwaz, Burujurd, Dizful, and many other places in my absence and inshAllah I can post pictures and stories of what happened while I was there.

Thank you all for remaining at my side and for your kind and thoughtful messages!

Vakil Mosque. Shiraz, Iran.
fadavid2 asked:

You are a kind, compassionate human heart, my friend. I wish we'd had more and more like you on this blue star of ours, we guests in the nontime.

Thank you very much, I pray one day I can be what you say I am, and be worthy of such words.

Kindness, compassion are traits that do not belong to me, they belong to the Beloved, the Most Kind, the Most Compassionate.