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Lebanese American, Studying in Iran. Lover of Poetry, Nature, Spirituality and Philosophy.
Student at the Islamic Seminary in the Holy city of Qom.
A simple Lover of the Beloved and those he loves.

Vaulted roof of a corridor beside the central court of the masdjed-e Nasr Al Molk at Shiraz

Masterpiece of Safavid Architecture Sheikh Sheikh Lotfollah Mosque Mosque Isfahan, Iran

Al-Kadhmia Mosque, Baghdad 1970’s
Divine Books الكتب السماوية

     One of the main reasons we are called Negro is so we won’t know who we really are. And when you call yourself that, you don’t know who you really are. You don’t know what you are, you don’t know where you came from, you don’t know what is yours. And as long as you call yourself a Negro, nothing is yours. No languages—you can’t lay claim to any language, not even English, you mess it up. You can’t lay claim to any name that will identify you as something that you should be. You can’t lay claim to any culture as long as you use the word Negro to identify yourself. It attaches you to nothing. It doesn’t even identify your color.     Negro doesn’t tell you anything. I mean nothing, absolutely nothing. What do you identify it with? Tell me. Nothing. What do you attach it to? Nothing. It’s completely in the middle of nowhere. And when you call yourself that, that’s where you are—right in the middle of nowhere.     It doesn’t give you a language, because there is no such thing as a Negro language. It doesn’t give you a country, because there is no such thing as a Negro country. It doesn’t give you a culture—there is no such thing as Negro culture, it doesn’t exist. The land doesn’t exist, the culture doesn’t exist, the language doesn’t exist, and the man doesn’t exist. They take you out of existence by calling you a Negro. And you can walk around in front of them all day long and they act like they don’t even see you. Because you made yourself nonexistent. It’s a person who has no history, and by having no history, he has no culture.     Just as a tree without roots is dead, a people without history or cultural roots also becomes a dead people.
youshavedforsherlock asked:

Your blog is amazing. I have a silly blog so you do not have to follow me but i will follow you. Your daily remiders and very helpful in my walk as a new muslim

Thank you, that’s kind of you to say, i’m glad you like it and it could be of some help. I hope and pray you succeed in this path and continue moving forward, welcome & keep smiling!

Anonymous asked:

Are you a talabeh?

Imam Khomeini (R.A) after the Islamic Revolution in one of his speeches said " I am but a student (talabeh) “.

If the Imam considered himself at that stage considered himself a talabeh, then i don’t know what term to use.

I’m wandering on this path. The word ‘Talabeh’ is a heavy one for me, but yes.


Returned to Tumblr for abit, and to be honest i’m shocked by the excess of Osama Bin Ladin (Gods curse be upon him) photos and sectarianism posts on many tags including a supposed list of false points.

Its shameful to see such poison being spread universally.

The tumblr community was never like this, it seems since the war in Syria began, animosity and extremism has spread like wildfire.

All in all, i viewed the list of preposterous points and posts and i’m considering dedicating a post every once in awhile outlining the truth; and addressing the supposed ‘arguments’ and ‘statements’ that have been made.

What do you think?